Data Structures in R

Most functions and graphs will require information in a data frame structure. However, this differs by package so conversions might be necessary.

1) Data Frame

df <- data.frame(id = letters[1:10], x = 1:10, y = 11:20)

class(df) # "data.frame"


2) Matrix

matrix <- matrix(nrow = 2, ncol = 2)


class(matrix) # "matrix" "array"

3) Lists

list <- list(1, "a", TRUE, 1+4i)


class(list) # "list"

is.list(list) # TRUE

Data Structure Conversions

Convert Dataframe to Matrix

df.matrix <- as.matrix(data.frame)

class(df.matrix) # "matrix" "array"

Convert Matrix to Dataframe

matrix.df <- data.frame(matrix)

class(matrix.df) # "data.frame"

Convert Dataframe to List

Convert List to Dataframe

Convert Matrix to List

Convert List to Matrix


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