Data Types in R

1 0.23 NA E SI2 61.5 55.0 326 3.95 3.98 2.43
2 0.21 NA E SI1 59.8 61.0 326 3.89 3.84 2.31
3 0.23 NA E VS1 56.9 65.0 327 4.05 4.07 2.31
4 0.29 NA I VS2 62.4 58.0 334 4.20 4.23 2.63
5 0.31 NA J SI2 63.3 58.0 335 4.34 4.35 2.75
6 0.24 NA J VVS2 62.8 57.0 336 3.94 3.96 2.48
7 0.24 NA I VVS1 62.3 57.0 336 3.95 3.98 2.47

Load libraries


Load dataset

df <- diamonds

Get Data Structure

Using str() gets you that information plus additional such as the levels of your factors and the first few values of each variable.


Inspect Data Class


Set Data Column as Numeric

df$depth <- as.numeric(df$depth)

Set Data Column as Factor

df$cut <- as.factor(df$cut)

Set Data Column as Logical

df$cut <- as.logical(df$cut)

Set Data Column as Character

df$cut <- as.character(df$cut)

Set Data Column as Date/Time

df$date <- as.POSIXct(df$date, format="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", tz="UTC")

Year (4 Digits)%Y
Year (2 Digits)%y
Month (Full)%B
Month (Abbreviated)%b OR %h
Month (Decimal)%m
Week of Year (Start=Sunday)%U
Week of Year (Start=Monday)%W
Day of Year (Decimal)%j
Day of Month (Decimal)%d
Weekday (Full)%A
Weekday (Abbreviated)%a
Weekday (0=Sunday)%w
Hours (24 Hrs)%H
Hours (12 Hrs)%I
Locale-Specific Date & Time%c
Locale-Specific Date%x
Locale-Specific Time%X
Locale-Specific AM/PM%p
Offset from GMT%z
Time Zone%Z

Years Example (%Y-%y)

format(Sys.time(), "%Y-%y")

Months Example (%B-%b-%h-%m)

format(Sys.time(), "%B-%b-%h-%m")

Weeks Example (%U-%W)

format(Sys.time(), "%U-%W")

Days Example (%j-%d)

format(Sys.time(), "%j-%d")

Weekdays Example (%A-%a-%w)

format(Sys.time(), "%A-%a-%w")

Time Example (%H-%I-%M-%S)

format(Sys.time(), "%H-%I-%M-%S")

Get Current Date/Time

format((Sys.Date()), format="%Y-%m-%d")

Set Time Zone

Sys.setenv(TZ = "UTC") # Sys.timezone()


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