Installing R

Install R Project

Step 1: Download R from the cloud repository at

Install rStudio

Step 2: It will be handy to download rStudio Desktop, a free version is available at

RStudio Desktop
Open Source License
RStudio Desktop Pro
Commercial License
RStudio Server
Open Source License
RStudio Workbench
Commercial License
(5 Named Users)
Download ☁ Buy $ Download ☁ Buy $
Integrated Tools for R
Priority Support
Access via Web Browser
RStudio Professional Drivers
Connect to RStudio Workbench remotely
Enterprise Security
Project Sharing
Manage Multiple R Sessions & Versions
Admin Dashboard
Load Balancing
Auditing and Monitoring
Data Connectivity
Tutorial API
License AGPL Commercial AGPL Commercial

Additional Resources


XQuartz (Mac)

In addition to R and rStudio, Mac users might want to install XQuartz from as this is needed for resolving some errors with packages.

Download XQuartz ☁
R Logo

rTools (Windows)

Windows users must install a secondary program called Rtools in order to properly install packages.

This program can be downloaded at

Download Rtools ☁


Some good starting tutorials can be found at the following websites:

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