Joining Data in R

We can merge two data frames in R by using the merge() function or by using family of join() function in dplyr package. The data frames must have same column names on which the merging happens. Merge() Function in R is similar to database join operation in SQL. The different arguments to merge() allow you to perform natural joins i.e. inner join, left join, right join,cross join, semi join, anti join and full outer join. We can perform Join in R using merge() Function or by using family of join() functions in dplyr package.

Joins Diagram

Load Packages

packages <- c("tidyverse", "fuzzyjoin")

packages <- lapply(packages, FUN = function(x) {

if(!require(x, character.only = TRUE)) {install.packages(x)

library(x, character.only = TRUE)}})

Create diamonds dataframe

diamonds <- data.frame(diamonds)

Create Test Data Frame

match <- data_frame(match = c("^Idea", "mium", "Good"), type = 1:3)

Inner Join

With regular inner join, only Good <-> Good matches

inner.join <- diamonds %>% inner_join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Full Join

With regular full join, only Good <-> Good matches

full.join <- diamonds %>% join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Left Join

With regular left join, only Good <-> Good matches

left.join <- diamonds %>% left_join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Full Join

With regular full join, only Good <-> Good matches

full.join <- diamonds %>% join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Right Join

With regular right join, only Good <-> Good matches

right.join <- diamonds %>% right_join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Regex Inner Join

inner.join.regex <- diamonds %>% regex_inner_join(match, by = c(cut = "match"))


Regex Left Join

left.join <- regex_left_join(df, df.join, by = "join.column", ignore_case = FALSE)

Regex Right Join

right.join <- regex_right_join(df, df.join, by = "join.column", ignore_case = FALSE)


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