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R Packages

If you go to, it’s the main site for the Comprehensive R Archive Network. Instructions for downloading R and lists of all the various packages written and accessible in R are listed at this site. You can also search by a function with the letter R in the search to find packages through most browsers.

R adds new and revised packages to the system all the time, so you can check for new packages or check for updates for packages you may have downloaded.When you click on a package name, you will be presented with an overview of the program and who created it. You’ll see a link in the middle of the summary referring to the manual or vignette for the package. Many of the manuals to the R packages are called vignettes. They will give you a PDF document with more information about the package and all of the different options for running it. They often include examples of how to run the package and some have sample data sets to try the package on.

R Studio is also recommended as a download. It’s a front-end for R to make it easier to work with. This front-end breaks the main interface into four quadrants. This will make R easier to work with. R Studio also makes some additional collections of material available. They include:

See more packages and cheatsheets here at

The Rstudio Desktop version and the Rstudio Server version are available at for free. You’ll be interested in the desktop version of the program for this class. Learn more about Installing R here.

Installing Packages


Loading Libraries

After installing the package you must then load the library in order to use it.


Auto Load Packages

packages <- c("tidyverse")

packages <- lapply(packages, FUN = function(x) {

if(!require(x, character.only = TRUE)) {install.packages(x)

library(x, character.only = TRUE)}})

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