Sorting Data in R

Load Packages

packages <- c("tidyverse")

packages <- lapply(packages, FUN = function(x) {

if(!require(x, character.only = TRUE)) {


library(x, character.only = TRUE)}})

Load Dataset

df <- diamonds

Get Top 5 Rows

head(df, 5)

Get Bottom 5 Rows

tail(df, 5)

Sorting Data

df <- df[order(df$carat),]

Sort by carat and price

df <- df[order(df$carat, df$price),]

Sort by carat (ascending) and price (descending)

df <- df[order(df$carat, -df$price),]

Extract Rows and Columns

All Rows and All Columns


First row and all columns


First two rows and all columns


First and third row and all columns

df[ c(1,3), ]

First Row and 2nd and third column

df[1, 2:3]

First, Second Row and Second and Third Column

df[1:2, 2:3]

Just First Column with All rows

df[, 1]

First and Third Column with All rows


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