Correlation in R

Load Packages

packages <- c("tidyverse", "psych", "ggpubr", "ggcorrplot")

packages <- lapply(packages, FUN = function(x) {

if(!require(x, character.only = TRUE)) {install.packages(x)

library(x, character.only = TRUE)}})

Load dataset

data <- diamonds

Make sure our variables are numeric

class(data$price) # "integer"

class(data$carat) # "numeric"

Run a simple correlation on 2 numeric variables

corr.test(data$price, data$carat)

Create a correlation plot

correlation.plot <- ggplot(data, aes(price, carat)) +

geom_point() +

geom_smooth(method = lm) +

stat_cor(method = "pearson", label.x = 20) +

ggtitle("Correlation Chart") +

labs(y = "Price", x = "Carat")


Correlation Plot

Create a correlation matrix for selected numeric variables

correlation.matrix <- dplyr::select(data, c(carat, depth, table, price))

Convert all blank data points into NAs

correlation.matrix[correlation.matrix == ""] <- NA

Remove all NA from the dataset

correlation.matrix <- na.omit(correlation.matrix)

Create correlation matrix graph

corr <- cor(correlation.matrix)

correlation.matrix.plot <- ggcorrplot(corr, p.mat = cor_pmat(correlation.matrix),

title="Correlation Matrix",

hc.order = TRUE, type = "lower",

color = c("#FC4E07", "white", "#00AFBB"),

outline.col = "white", lab = TRUE, legend.title = "Correlation")


Correlation Matrix

Perform Pearson's Product-Moment Correlation

correlation.model <- cor.test(diamonds$price, diamonds$carat, method = c("pearson", "kendall", "spearman"))

correlation.model <- plyr::ldply (correlation.model, data.frame)

colnames(correlation.model)[1] <- "Attribute"

colnames(correlation.model)[2] <- "Value"

correlation.model <- correlation.model[-c(1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10), ]


Plot Correlation Table

correlation.table <- ggtexttable(correlation.model, rows = NULL, theme = ttheme("mBlue")) %>%

tab_add_title(text="Pearson's Correlation", face="bold", padding=unit(0.1, "line"))


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